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It’s not available in Windows 10 Home in S mode. However, if this is a necessity, you may have to upgrade your edition from Windows 10 Home to Windows 10 Pro. If you looking for more advanced features for an organization, you may also check Compare Windows 10 editions. Was this reply helpful?

Yes No. Sorry this didn’t help. Thanks for your feedback. I have to do some more moves doing the same way: Program appmgr.

Then run X And that was it — succesfull! I followed instructions step by step but when I run gpedit. Ok so i believe i had the install go according to plan. I get the snapin to run. Its the outdated looking version. I assume that it is running correctly. Now the problem im having is how do i get the windows 10 templates on here.

I attempted to get them from microsoft but the tables available were in a different format and was not compatible. Is it supposed to be antiquated? Is there a way to reverse the xml tables into the supprted format? Is there another option? My reason for going through this is that i got hit with an adware trojan and it decimated my group policies within my registry. Ive seen others mention the problem of not having the applicable templates but no responses to the fact.

For those having difficulties with the simple instructions. If you follow what it says there it will work. Pay careful attention to steps If you click on START, there should be an icon for your windows account on the left side of the screen above the 4 icons for power, settings, file explorer, and documents. Click on it to login. It will be a new account and so be patient because Windows will have to set up the account before you will be able to use it. Once I found the downloaded install file I simply followed the original instructions and then — since I have a 64bit Win installation — I copied and pasted the two directories and the gpedit.

Then I logged out of the Administrator account Step 7 and back into my regular Windows account Step 8 and completed the rest of the steps. I thought I would add this little bit of extra context in case some might benefit from it. Thx for the wonderful article. But even after following all the steps gpedit. I think instead of directly running x Can somebody show me the direction, where to dig further? Therefore, I used your tutorial to install the Group Policy Editor. In the Group Policy Editor, I need to navigate to:.

Thank you Microsoft, my heart attack is due to you. To everyone experiencing errors installing the snap in, the following might be of some importance to you:. I am following your steps carefully. I can still download things in a pen drive and follow the guide from another laptop, but how can I be sure that other simply tasks, like opening a browser or transfering files from a pen drive will work? I keep reading this looking for some purpose to opening the dialogue box but I am not seeing it….

Your comment is full of nonsensical statements and hysteria. Maybe go back to writing things by hand and storing records in paper documents in filing cabinets.

My Win 10 says upon running gpedit. It started to work asking if I wanted this app to make changes to my hard drive. The snap-in might not have been installed correctly. I have done everythings , but still MMC error show. Please help me and let me know if there got any other way to solve. Followed the instructions for download exactly. Got the MMC error.

Followed the fix instructions exactly. Still have the MMC error. Running version Is there a fix for this version. Did that and it worked. Thank you and it worked. Obviously there is an issue with Win 10 Anniversary version. Please tell us when a fix is available or how to remove your installed software.

Your suggestions are excellent. I was able to install the group policy editor on my tablet. The anniversary update removed the ability to disable the pre-lock screen image. It is an image of their own choosing, which you cannot control. Thanks, Microsoft.

Virus Total is a web service with 57 anti virus engines. Probably much better than the only one you use! And again. Ever heard of Google? I ran the enabler past virustotal. Between this and the fact Win 10 is clobbering devices nothing new to Microsoft Win 10 may be one of the most hostile operating systems on the planet. Running Win10 v x I followed all these instructions, including those specific to a bit system. I installed the program successfully. But when I run the gpedit. Really , using this GPE is only going to allow some tweaks, am I the only power user left on planet earth??

Apparently you only have no idea how much faster it is to set a policy than to edit the registry for computers. Oh, wait, they need another change, lets go change another computers cause we are smart as crack heads and want to play in the registry to show we are power users.

I am trying to change device driver installation timeout using device installation folder in gpedit. Please help? Worked perfect for me! Do everything in the directions. Worked a Charm. Personally I never try system hacks. Usually cause more problems than they solve. Group Policy Editor was removed from Home Editions simply because too many people were needing tech support after screwing something up.

MS figures your average Pro user is less likely to do that. Groan all you want. However every thing you can do with GPE you can do in the registry. MS has made an Excel file available to show where to go to change what. Thank you. Thanks for this tool. Is this a case of deleting the install files or will I need to perform another action such as registry change?

I tested this trick out years ago but it remains ineffective despite being enabled and therefore a waste of time. But still it remains executable. By contrast, on a Professional Windows edition the same restriction does become active. So in short, it seems your wasting your time getting the GUI on Home editions as it still remains ineffective to the OS. I was hoping to disable Lock Screen but without this option in GPE I will have to resort to the Registry tweak via an elevated command prompt:.

Quick question. Details required :. Cancel Submit. Smug Puppy Independent Advisor. Hi Adrian, my name is Neil, and I’m a Windows 10 user like you.

Choose to download the Media Creation Tool „Download tool now” button. I think what needs to happen is that you need to use a Windows system that is already running Windows 10 Pro to create the bootable USB.

During the creation process, the options of which Windows Edition is offered is matched to the system you create it on. After you have created the USB, plug this into the computer you want to install Windows 10 Pro on it and your Key should work upon activation. Let me know how you get on. Kindest regards, Neil.

How satisfied are you with this reply? These do exist, and it’s likely cheaper to get your license this way than to pay for the upgrade seperately. An even better option is to start using volume licensing. If you have 5 or more Windows computers at your business, you qualify for the volume licensing program. This can yield a huge saving over the retail pricing. Problem solved by adding a line to registry.

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Learn more. Why can’t Windows home editions connect to domains? Ask Question. Asked 9 years, 6 months ago. Modified 5 years, 1 month ago. Viewed k times. Improve this question. Ramhound 39k 34 34 gold badges 96 96 silver badges bronze badges.

PiousVenom PiousVenom 3 3 gold badges 5 5 silver badges 12 12 bronze badges. Because its not a feature of that version of Windows 7 Home Premium and Windows 8? If Home Premium had this feature then there would be no reason for businesses to purchase Professional and Enterprise versions.

The good news is Windows 8 Professional does support joining domains which should be used anyways in an office. How are we suppose to know we are not Microsoft — Ramhound. There is no technical limitation beyond the fact it literally does not support doing so. Beyond that discussions which only internal staff at Microsoft can answer are not productive. All editions are identical to the extent that some of the features are removed.

Vista included all editions on the same disk, the edition is selected by the product key. So basically when you buy Upgrade, you buy unlock for the features you need. Most users at home do not need to connect to domain, thus this feature is removed and costs less than Professional, where the latter is targeted at businesses. Show 7 more comments. Sorted by: Reset to default. Highest score default Date modified newest first Date created oldest first.

Improve this answer. JustinD JustinD 1 1 gold badge 7 7 silver badges 14 14 bronze badges. This is not entirely true, home pc’s are routinely used on domain networks, its called pass through authentication.

This allows most functions of being part of the domain like you can with Pro. Add a comment. Spencer Wieczorek Spencer Wieczorek 1 1 silver badge 4 4 bronze badges.


Windows 10 home edition cannot join domain free download

MS has made an Excel file available to show where to go to change what. I installed the program successfully. Now, gpedit works fine…. Hopefully, this article was able to help you join your Windows 10 or 11 PC to a domain! Step 4: Click the button labeled Go to Store to open the Store app.


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Meet Active Directory and Windows Server auditing, security and compliance needs with ManageEngine ADAudit Plus. Download Free Trial! How to Upgrade to Windows 10 Enterprise. Purchase of the pro edition is not possible. Check if the network shares are visible now. On msdn they have a feature. I’m trying to understand as to why the Home edition of the OS is unable to connect to domains? Microsoft doesn’t allow Home editions of Windows.


Windows 10 home edition cannot join domain free download. How to add Windows 10 Home edition to a domain?

Sep 23,  · Hello. One organization has donated a large amount of tablets with windows 10 home edition to an educational institution that i am supervising. I need to gather all of them under a local domain (including application of policies, sharing disks, supervising users, backup etc.). Purchase of the · Windows 10 Home Edition cannot join a Domain. It is. Apr 18,  · The first method to join windows 10 to domain is from System Properties. As Dave mentioned Windows 10 Home edition cannot be joined to a domain. If you click on Start in Windows 10 click on the Setting icon the gear icon then click on Accounts youll an option called Access work or school in the left-hand column. Dec 06,  · Hello. One organization has donated a large amount of tablets with windows 10 home edition to an educational institution that i am supervising. I need to gather all of them under a local domain (including application of policies, sharing disks, supervising users, backup etc.).. Purchase of the pro edition is not possible.