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February Help on Windows Vista with Visual Basic 6. What games are included with Windows XP? Penton Media Inc. Where is it? Microsoft Hardware Database Compatibility. December 8, Archived from the original on September 10, Retrieved May 4, Retrieved June 7, Bright Hub. Retrieved October 27, Microsoft Corporation.

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Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. The XAudio2 library in the legacy DirectX SDK makes use of COM creation and reference counting for lifetime management, and a recent investigation has found a problem in this implementation.

In short: in some situations the XAudio DLL itself is unloaded before the XAudio2 objects are completely destroyed, thus leading to an access violation. This normally happens on exit, although the exact details of when it might be evident depends on exactly which version of Windows you are using and the overall process layout for your application.

In a similar vein, the July release of DirectX Tool Kit includes two new classes for handling keyboard and mouse input across Windows desktop, Windows 8 Store, and universal Windows apps for Windows In my original post on using the debug layer , I mentioned several tricks for getting helpful behavior out of the Direct3D SDK debug layer for your applications.

An update for Visual Studio is available for download as announced today on the Visual Studio blog. AVX2 is very useful if trying to make a fully equivalent double4 version of all the DirectXMath functionality which is otherwise focused on float4 vectors, but that is beyond the scope of this article or the library generally.

At the time, this utility used the It is also included in the Windows 10 SDK. As you may have heard in the technical press, Microsoft is a more open-source friendly place these days, and has embraced GitHub for a number of high-profile projects.

For the immediate future, I plan to maintain both sites equally with the bulk of the documentation still residing on CodePlex , but you can get full source and releases from either location thanks to the magic of distributed VCS. Developers can of course continue to use the legacy DirectX SDK once they apply the workaround for the existing installation problems with the Windows 8.

Presentations for our Game Developer Conference content from this year were recorded and are available now on Channel 9. For people new to DirectX development, Microsoft Docs provides numerous tutorials for writing Windows Store apps, Windows phone apps, and Universal apps which all begin with creating a new project using a Visual Studio template built into to VS or VS For people targeting Win32 desktop i.

Instead, you have to use the generic Win32 project and then add support for Direct3D such as is done with the Direct3D Win32 tutorial. The Windows 8. There are a number of minor bugs in the library that have been reported by customers since it was released, which will be addressed in future SDK releases. In the meantime, since the code is all inline in the headers, you can make the fix directly to a local copy as needed or work around the issue in your own code.

For as simple a task as it seems, tracking time in Windows games is full of potential pitfalls. There are a number of different ways to do it, and the naive ones seem to work fine initially but then you have all kinds of problems later. An update for Visual Studio is available for download. It is standalone and builds with the usual assortment of platform tools: Visual Studio , Visual Studio , Visual Studio with the Windows 8. In the same vein as my post on where you can find many of the samples from the legacy DirectX SDK , where you can find all the various replacements for D3DX , and the status of various DirectX components ; this post is a catalog of where you can find the latest version of various tools that shipped with the legacy DirectX SDK.

Lacking that, it at least provides a status or alternative for the tool. For more details, see Announcing Windows There are, however, a number of subtleties that have crept in over the years, including the split between Windows 8 and previous releases. There is also a potential performance problem if you naively try to search for multiple gamepads that are not currently connected every frame due to the underlying overhead of device enumeration to look for newly connected gamepads.

An update to Visual Studio is now available for download. A number of my projects over the past few years have been to provide modern replacements for the full range of functionality provided in the now legacy D3DX library: DirectXMath in the Windows 8.

An update to Visual Studio is now available for download including updated DirectX related features. Windows 8. Here I present them in chronological order of their publication date. You can see the complete list of recorded sessions on Channel 9 , but here are links to the gaming and DirectX related talks you may want to review. Hope to see you there. In answering some questions today, I remembered a topic I had been meaning to post about for some time: the seemingly simple act of creating a Direct3D 11 device.

Now that VS has shipped, Windows 8. Here is a summary of the changes since the last time I blogged about these projects. Visual Studio RTM is now available. NET Framework 3. Microsoft has moved away from providing samples in SDKs for a number of reasons, but primarily to reduce the size of the standalone downloads and to minimize the size of the SDKs when included in other products such as the Windows SDK being included with Visual Studio. The MSDN Code Gallery provides an online repository for samples, including both official Microsoft samples as well as community contributions.

It also includes some code tidying and a few customer requests. This blog post discusses Application Manifest elements for use in Win32 desktop applications. Back when Windows Vista launched and the User Account Control feature was first introduced, there was one key recommendation for game developer writing PC games: your game should not require administrator rights to run, and you should add the proper embedded manifest to the game EXE so Windows Vista could tell the game was updated for the new OS.

The Visual Studio Release Candidate is now available. There are plenty of options for moving existing code over to newer, more supportable solutions most of which are now shared-source. The focus of this release has been on improving Block Compression support. The biggest new feature is the integration of the DirectCompute 4. Note that RTM was released on October 17th, The presentations are available on Channel 9. This release includes custom filtering implementations to fully finish out the feature set, and as of this release all the functionality that was in D3DX11 for texture processing is now available in DirectXTex.

Volume map mipmap generation now supports all filtering modes and supports non-power-of-2 volume maps. The second update to Visual Studio is now available for download. As of today, IE 10 for Windows 7 has been officially released. IE10 for Windows 7 includes portions of the DirectX Windows 8 includes a number of changes to the parental control ratings systems supported by Windows Family Safety aka Windows Parental Controls for Win32 desktop games. These changes are now available on Windows 7 via KB EXE in the Windows 8.

When programming graphics applications, one of the more frustrating aspects of development is that you can end up writing thousands of lines of code and when you run it, all you get is a blank screen. Or maybe a blue screen. Or a crash. But often, not actually a useful image. Errors in state setting, transformation math, and other coding problems can mean your application is completely valid just not useful.

There are a number of new features and some bugs fixed in the Windows Imaging Component for Windows 8.

This post provides an updated version of the Effects 11 FX11 library. The primary purpose of this release is to remove the dependencies on the legacy DirectX SDK for the D3DX11 headers, but it also includes some code tidying and a few customer requests.

This code is not a good candidate for dual-use scenarios, but there are times when it makes sense to house both the WinRT and Win32 implementation in the same module.

Generally you should prefer to have the client application handle this platform-specific functionality and provide the information needed to your dual-use shared code as parameters, but this is not always convenient or practical. Therefore the overlap is in Win32 APIs that are available to both kinds of applications. Traditional Win32 desktop apps have access to a larger desktop API family, but this is subject to various levels of OS support required for each function.

These two taken together can make it challenging to write shared code libraries and helper functions that can successfully compile for both Windows Store apps and Win32 desktop applications supporting Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8. In this installment in our series, we cover a few additional instructions that extend the AVX instruction set. Without this support, these instructions are all invalid and will generate an invalid instruction hardware exception.

AVX also introduces an extended register file and a new x86 instruction encoding prefix. The intrinsics are located in the smmintrin. The SSE4. The SSE3 instruction set adds about a dozen instructions intrinsics are in the pimmintrin. The DirectXMath library provides high-performance linear algebra math support for the typical kinds of operations found in a 3D graphics application.

The library achieves this by making use of specialized SIMD Single-Instruction-Multiple-Data instruction sets to work on 4 single-precision float values at a time. The design of the library is itself heavily influenced by these instructions to provide data in a way most friendly to efficient computation. The matrix stack is fairly easy to implement, but the SH math functions are another story.

We are making it available here for Windows developers. An application requests a particular feature level or a set of feature levels where the application can optionally use more advanced features if present , and the majority of the capabilities are known already. This simplifies fallbacks as well, where the application only has to handle a few discrete cases.

See the Visual Studio blog entry for more information. Windows 8 includes numerous improvements as discussed on the Building Windows 8 blog , the DirectX There are also a number of presentations from past Gamefest events that cover audio and XAudio2. While these talks are focused on the older versions, XAudio 2. There are a number of previous posts on the state of. This header is not included in the Windows SDK 8. The full details of the differences compared to XInput 1. The headers and libraries for Xinput 1.

Windows 8 or later also includes an updated driver for these devices, XUSB Therefore, the VS project file was set up to require the VS toolset. The Windows 8 Consumer Preview includes version 2. The full details of the differences compared to XAudio2 2. The headers and libraries for XAudio 2.

The new Windows 8. We recommend using the Windows 8. The Visual Studio 11 Beta release is now live. When the The Beta is now available, so should be used instead of the older Developer Preview mentioned here. The next version of Visual Studio is currently available for download as a Developer Preview. The presentations for the Gamefest conference are now available on Microsoft downloads.

Here are the main talks of interest to Windows developers. See the documentation files in the package for more details. TGA file reader and writer. The D3DX11 library includes a software implementation of the encoder, but the new BC formats are extremely asymmetric meaning the encoding algorithm has a very large search space to determine the optimal compression for each 4×4 block.

The Microsoft presentations from the Game Developer Conference are now available on the Microsoft Downloads site. There were a number of talks on Windows, Windows phone 7, and Kinect.

The presentations of interest to Windows developers are:. There are new CRT redistribution packages available for each of these that include the fix. These bugs include some localization display issues with the EULA and various non-Codepage languages, plus resolving a problem with. NET 4. NET if any is present on the system. Even without the legacy Managed DirectX 1. NET 2. NET runtime installed or some version of.

As part of this update, the HLSL complier now supports a new feature: symbolic derivatives. If you are interested in learning more about what this feature is and what you can do with it, you should check out this paper from Microsoft Research: Symbolic Differentiation in GPU Shaders.

The announcement from the Windows team can be read on the Windows Team Blog , and one from the server team can be found here. These fixes will be included in a future release of XNAMath, but since XNAMath is an all-header implementation it can also be fixed directly by affected developers in the xnamathvector.

Doing some work on the texconvex tool the Direct3D Here is a collection of links for developers interested in learning more about the Windows x64 OS and x64 native programming generally. How do I create a DirectX. NET application in Visual Studio ? As with many seemingly simple questions on a technical topic, this one is actually quite complex.

This deploys all the same binaries as the June version, but the setup itself has been updated to resolve a few key issues. The supplied version of D3D11Install. The result of this is that the dialogs which all contain hyperlinks using the SysLink common control do not initialize and fail to display. There were a few issues that arose right around the release with the SubD11 and PNTriangles 11 samples.

At the time we thought it was related to the driver, but in fact it turned out to be due to tessellation shader related optimization issues in the June version of the HLSL complier. Today, October 22, , the sale of Windows XP comes to an end. There will still be support available for Windows XP Service Pack 3 through April , and it will be sticking around for a time in some business, government, and emerging market settings, but by in large the days of Windows XP are fading.

The date has been moved a few times, but today marks the beginning of the final end for what has been a very long-lasting Windows release.